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Full tram advertising

The all-in-one presence. On the Full tram advertising, your company or product enjoys an exclusive presence throughout the vehicle – all ad formats are reserved for your message. You can therefore reach your audience in multiple ways on each journey.


  • Build your brand
  • Increase recognition
  • Establish a local presence
  • Promote sales inside the tram
  • Communicate directly with your target audience
  • Enjoy an exclusive presence


  • All advertising material on the inside and outside for a single company
  • Rooftop advertising with moving poster (XL on Cobra and Flexity)
  • Hanging displays
  • Transparent window decals
  • Newspaper-box posters (on Cobra and Tram 2000)
  • Illuminated posters (on Tram 2000)
  • Further options for the interior
  • Can be booked for two months or more from CHF 47,000

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