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DemoSCOPE study 2018

In autumn 2018, the market research company DemoSCOPE carried out an advertising impact study on behalf of VBZ TrafficMedia. The results show that public transport advertising is widely accepted in the city of Zurich and higher recall rates can be achieved.

Key figures

The last passenger count in 2018 showed a record 1 million passengers per working day. In order to transport this huge number of passengers, VBZ operates 258 trams and 225 buses, which together cover around 32 billion kilometres a year.
You can find out more about VBZ here.


Thanks to the integration of VBZ TrafficMedia into WEMF’s market research, you can now coordinate your TrafficMedia campaign perfectly with your other campaigns. Compared with other advertising spaces, you will find that advertising on public transport inspires customers right down the line.
You can find out more about our MA strategy and WEMF here.