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2022 advertising impact study

On behalf of VBZ TrafficMedia, the market research company DemoSCOPE conducted a survey on the advertising impact and performance of transport advertising in November 2022. 599 passengers and pedestrians were interviewed at various stops in Zurich. The general acceptance of advertising was surveyed as well as the recollection of specific subjects of various campaigns. You can discover the most significant findings from the study on this page.

Highest level of acceptance

Advertising on trams and buses has the highest acceptance of all forms of advertising surveyed. 97% of the respondents state that they either like advertising on means of transport or that it does not bother them. Only 3% find advertising on public transport annoying. This is in contrast to other forms of advertising, which meet with a significantly higher level of rejection.

Proportion of people who like the respective form of advertising or do not find it annoying.

Full-wrap advertising – stays in people’s memories for years

A fully wrapped tram quickly becomes a part of the cityscape. It is particularly well retained in people’s memories. Around 80% of the survey participants were able to name the subject of a fully wrapped tram without prompts. The Zurich Zoo tram was the most memorable. 37% of the respondents could recall it without prompts.

What’s more, campaigns that took place several years ago also stuck in participants’ memories. For example, after five years, 8% of the respondents still remembered the fully wrapped tram by Spross without prompts.

Question: Which full-wrap adverts can you remember without any prompts?

With prompts, the recall rates for fully wrapped trams are significantly higher still. Around two-thirds of the respondents remember health insurance company Assura’s tram wrap – after only five weeks of the campaign. Other displays achieve similar values over time.

Question: Have you seen this full-wrap advert before?

Tram rooftop advertising – seen by everyone

Rooftop advertising on trams is seen by everyone – not only passengers but also pedestrians passing by stops or on the roadside. This is demonstrated by a high awareness level, with recall rates of up to over 80%.

Question: Have you seen this advert on a VBZ tram before?

Bus-back advertising – eye-catchers for passengers and pedestrians

Bus-back advertising is aimed at passengers and anyone who is travelling behind the bus – by bike or car. The following finding demonstrates how much attention is paid to these: more than half of the respondents can remember the advert for Bauhaus.

Question: Have you seen this advert on a VBZ bus before?

Hanging displays – advertising that makes an impression

Interior advertising in trams and buses also achieves high awareness. Hanging displays are real eye-catchers and stay in people’s memories.

Question: Have you seen this advert in a VBZ tram or bus before?

Transparent window decals – advertising that sticks

Campaigns displayed on transparent window decals achieve high awareness and very good recall rates. Around two-thirds of the respondents still remembered the subject matter.

Question: Have you seen this advert in a VBZ tram or bus before?

Key findings

  • Transport advertising is well received: it achieves the highest acceptance of any form of advertising.
  • Full-wrap tram adverts achieve a high level of prompted awareness in a short time.
  • Some full-wrap tram adverts are remembered by our passengers for years after the campaign.
  • All advertising material, whether interior or exterior, delivers high recall rates.

You can also find the results of the advertising impact study in our brochure (only in German). Or you can get in contact with us if you would like to receive a detailed, in-person presentation of the study.

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